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Yesterday I asked Troy to go to Babies R Us to get some nighttime Pull-Ups for Brendan.  I told him exactly where they were located and what size to get.  Oops, I guess I should have been more specific and told him to get the blue bag instead of the red bag.  He brought them home just in time for bed time.  Now to Brendan pink is just another color and he has no idea or interest in what a princess is.  He was excited to have something new!   Troy on the other hand wasn’t so excited and wanted to go exchange them immediately (which wasn’t possible).  So, for one night Brendan got to wear pink Pull-Ups with the picture of a princess on the front.  No, wearing ‘girly’ pull-ups won’t scar Brendan but I’m not so sure it won’t scar Troy.


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“I’m being silly with a sharp knife!”

No, we don’t allow him to play with knives.  Do you think we should be worried?

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I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a while now but I didn’t think I could keep up.  Now that my oldest son is smack dab in the middle of the ‘terrible twos’ I figure I don’t really need to write much.  Most of what I want to record are videos of those mischievous moments that make me want to pull my hair out now but will make me laugh for years to come.  When I take the time to take video it’s like counting to ten…  It gives me a chance to calm down and put things into perspective.  I also want to document some of the things that he says that make it oh-so-hard to keep a straight face.  Things that only a small child could have the sheer brilliance to come up with.

Since my youngest is only nine months I’ll just post cute pics of him for now.

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