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9 Months

If babies were born at nine months old, I might (that’s a big might) think about having another one.  It’s not that I don’t love snuggling itty-bitty tiny babies because I do.  Maybe it’s because Landon is sleeping through the night more often.  That probably has something to do with it because I am not nearly as sleep-deprived.  But it’s mostly because now he is stinking cute (in my admittedly and unashamedly biased opinion)!  He says ‘Mama’ and actually means it.  He’s happy and he knows it (claps when I sing that song).  He waves and smiles every time he sees someone.  He giggles at his brother and wants to turn off every light switch.

Yes, in some ways this age is more difficult.  Now that he’s mobile I have to be vigilant to make sure he doesn’t put every thing that could possibly choke him in his mouth.  His current goal in life is to crawl off the changing table so changing him is a work-out for both of us. One word: Teething.  This isn’t exactly the easiest age but apparently the cuteness and the additional sleep make up for a lot.


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Two-Year-Old QOTD

While putting on his shirt:

B: ‘Bye-bye nipples and belly button.  Where did my nipples go?’

Me:  Under your shirt.

B: ‘A shirt is a good home for nipples.’

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“I’m being silly with a sharp knife!”

No, we don’t allow him to play with knives.  Do you think we should be worried?

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